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Definition of fine:

  1. ( Used ironically.)
  2. A final agreement concerning lands or rents between persons, as the lord and his vassal.
  3. A sum of money or price paid for obtaining a benefit, favor, or privilege, as for admission to a copyhold, or for obtaining or renewing a lease.
  4. Aiming at show or effect; loaded with ornament; overdressed or overdecorated; showy.
  5. End; conclusion; termination; extinction.
  6. Finely; well; elegantly; fully; delicately; mincingly.
  7. Finished; brought to perfection; refined; hence, free from impurity; excellent; superior; elegant; worthy of admiration; accomplished; beautiful.
  8. Having ( such) a proportion of pure metal in its composition; as, coins nine tenths fine.
  9. In a manner so that the driven ball strikes the object ball so far to one side as to be deflected but little, the object ball being driven to one side.
  10. Made of fine materials; light; delicate; as, fine linen or silk.
  11. Nice; delicate; subtle; exquisite; artful; skillful; dexterous.
  12. Not coarse, gross, or heavy
  13. Not coarse; comminuted; in small particles; as, fine sand or flour.
  14. Not gross; subtile; thin; tenous.
  15. Not thick or heavy; slender; filmy; as, a fine thread.
  16. Thin; attenuate; keen; as, a fine edge.
  17. To become fine ( in any one of various senses); as, the ale will fine; the weather fined.
  18. To change by fine gradations; as ( Naut.), to fine down a ship's lines, to diminish her lines gradually.
  19. To finish; to cease; or to cause to cease.
  20. To impose a pecuniary penalty upon for an offense or breach of law; to set a fine on by judgment of a court; to punish by fine; to mulct; as, the trespassers were fined ten dollars.
  21. To make fine; to refine; to purify, to clarify; as, to fine gold.
  22. To make finer, or less coarse, as in bulk, texture, etc.; as. to fine the soil.
  23. To pay a fine. See Fine, n., 3 ( b).


definite, cloudless, tophole, bewitching, swell, brag, banner, fair, okay, capital, pulverous, bully, fine-grained, hunky-dory, pretty, superior, better, floury, exceptional, satisfactory, attractive, minute, f., powdery, precise, distinct, great, pleasant, lovely, clear, dainty, small, well, alright, expensive, all right, ticket, finespun, light, dustlike, delicate, comely, pulverised, o.k., good, boss, blue-ribbon, superfine, pulverulent, o.k., small-grained, granular, ok, first-class, thin, beauteous, strict, terrific, champion, elegant, dandy, close, picturesque, beautiful, ingestion, topflight, tight, powdered, amercement, little, accurate, mulct, top, pulverized, exquisitely, very well, tiptop, dainty, close-grained, dusty, nongranular, A-one, delicately, quality, superb, finely, pure, unclouded, big, delicate, handsome.

Usage examples:

  • " I guess I'm fine.

    - "The Mysterious Rider", Zane Grey.
  • Why, what would your fine friends say to that, Miss Huldy?

    - "Queen Hildegarde", Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards.
  • A fine old place.

    - "The Breaking Point", Mary Roberts Rinehart.