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Definition of fitting:

  1. Anything used in fitting up
  2. Fit; appropriate; suitable; proper.
  3. necessary fixtures or apparatus; as, the fittings of a church or study; gas fittings.
  4. of Fit


readjustment, bit, alteration, just, proper, deserved, date, accommodation, movable, ideal, pretty, happy, good, competent, equal, wrap up, clothe, section, capable, wear, registration, qualified, part, substructure, trying on, commensurate, designation, engagement, put on, fitted, unit, adjustment, assignment, adaption, due, adequate, adaptation, cover up, tailor-made, allowance, perfect, slip into, detail, appointment, piece, sufficient, try-on, adapted, machine, get dressed, possible, felicitous, pull on, naming, appointee, merited, able, subdivision, rightful, well-chosen, portion, dress, modification, meet, segment, satisfactory.

Usage examples: