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Definition of flip:

  1. A mixture of beer, spirit, etc., stirred and heated by a hot iron.
  2. To toss or fillip; as, to flip up a cent.


hawk, exchange, piece, lurch, transpose, riff, undulate, toss, brazen-faced, brazen, insolent, barefaced, append, leaf, swop, pass on, change, throw out, alternate, smart, mountain pass, put away, base on balls, deliver, overbold, laissez passer, huckster, flip out, jactitate, dig, tack on, befuddle, straits, delve, passing play, throw off, somerset, understudy, shift, cast off, replace, flick, strait, snotty-nosed, switch over, summerset, jerk, offer, whirl, impudent, throw, brassy, somersaulting, pass, chuck out, passing game, contrive, liberty chit, hitchhike, monger, flicker, thrust, debate, overturn, assemble, discard, go, slope, shed, tump over, hand, cast out, tag on, cant, cast away, upset, bowl over, hold, sky, hang on, incline, have, cant over, cast, tilt, call heads or tails, fox, switch, toss out, ripple, slant, substitute, walk, vend, tip over, toss away, make, bodacious, reach, drop, dispose, squeeze, disrespectful, fling, twitch, thresh about, swap, chuck, somersault, impertinent, project, summersault, cut into, shake off, tack, convulse, riffle, ruffle, fuddle, head, turn over, crack, throw away, bye, saucy, bedevil, audacious, flip over, tack together, passing, peddle, cast aside, sassy, slash, bemuse, finger, twinge, bald-faced, wise, take turns, interchange, roll, deliberate, gear, flip-flop, turn, hitch, move, thrash, baste, bewilder, confound, jump, discombobulate, qualifying, pitch, click, pinch, hurl, tweet, thresh, set up, moot, wear round, change over, knock over, notch, snap, give, thumb, confuse, luck, fresh, trade, consider, thrash about, cockle, passport, counterchange, put together.

Usage examples: