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Definition of fob:

  1. A little pocket for a watch.
  2. To beat; to maul.
  3. To cheat; to trick; to impose on.


adornment, pull someone's leg, key, play tricks, combination, master key, throw, decor, watch chain, hour hand, alarm, dial, detailing, ornament, LCD, pass key, chronometer, code, decoration, flim-flam, key ring, bunch, confound, watch guard, trick, clock radio, alarm clock, hoax, latchkey, play a joke on, fob watch, skeleton key, bedevil, cuckoo clock, hand, analog, embellishment, face, overlay, movement, patterning, trim, clock, befuddle, watch pocket, play a trick on, fox, LED, pull a fast one on, minute hand, fuddle, discombobulate, border, crystal, confuse, Big Ben.

Usage examples: