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Definition of fool:

  1. A compound of gooseberries scalded and crushed, with cream; - commonly called gooseberry fool.
  2. A person deficient in intellect; one who acts absurdly, or pursues a course contrary to the dictates of wisdom; one without judgment; a simpleton; a dolt.
  3. One destitute of reason, or of the common powers of understanding; an idiot; a natural.
  4. One who acts contrary to moral and religious wisdom; a wicked person.
  5. One who counterfeits folly; a professional jester or buffoon; a retainer formerly kept to make sport, dressed fantastically in motley, with ridiculous accouterments.
  6. To infatuate; to make foolish.
  7. To play the fool; to trifle; to toy; to spend time in idle sport or mirth.
  8. To use as a fool; to deceive in a shameful or mortifying manner; to impose upon; to cheat by inspiring foolish confidence; as, to fool one out of his money.


realize, riot away, wacky, bring in, ride, disperse, dissipate, cross, dumb blond, nonsensical, don, loaf, dupe, weak-minded, fatuous, schlemiel, slang, seagull, overhear, half-witted, gooselike, mad, chronicler, dash, kooky, dippy, arse around, catch, hit, tease, stigma, governess, smiler, sop up, all-day sucker, jerk, consume, shoot, pullulate, philosopher, inept, bum about, rag, unwise, scar, break up, soak up, squander, realise, featherheaded, cake, childish, assimilate, manufacture, arse about, harebrained, waste, fritter, eunuch, frivol away, adopt, burgeon forth, imbibe, bubbleheaded, carob, spud, goose, laughable, jerky, pull in, silly, draw, home run, invent, throw away, make, sea gull, noodle, gull, ability, cockeyed, lie, taunt, take, dotty, horse around, chump, pip, save, shlemiel, lollipop, grade, suck in, bend the truth, sprout, alderman, absurd, fool around, oaf, blast, brainless, gather in, ingest, flash, gander, buck, cockamamie, bourgeon, frig around, target, anserine, bum, Christmas pudding, view, dart, scoot, stooge, print, loll, goosy, photograph, turkey, marking, muggins, banana split, donkey, wear, snap, innkeeper, intelligent, collect, gain, choc-ice, watch, scratch, mug, schmuck, put one across, dopy, suck up, phiz, countenance, blow, schmo, rally, receive, tear, scud, fall guy, unreasonable, daffy, apothecary, maniac, airhead, lamb, razz, fabricate, fritter away, blackjack, nutty, whacky, befool, dip, pushover, goosey, lunkheaded, alderwoman, joker, stain, lump, softhead, fool away, apple pie, innocent, physiognomy, pigeon, numpty, absorb, half-baked, germinate, loll around, insane, visage, lightweight, put one over, tomfool, balmy, mooncalf, calculating, ding-dong, sign, simple, sappy, goat, bait, chocolate, earn, waste one's time, wise, invite, suck, crisscross, clear, lounge about, simpleminded, sucker, motley fool, ludicrous, angelica, crazy, trifle away, brown sugar, wiseacre, asinine, mugful, zany, see, dispel, scrape, tantalize, over-the-top, score, patsy, twit, bull's eye, lunatic, soft touch, misspeak, goof, shoot down, brand, charge, ridiculous, sap, tantalise, clown, senseless, able, numskull, take-in, concoct, cockamamy, gudgeon, bell ringer, screwball, cosh, chandler, saphead, daft, witless, anserine, cod, mark, bum around, preposterous, play around, lounge around, caramel, stupid, put on, apply, capable, take up, kisser, setup, ninny, make up, spread out, scatter, foolish, marker, jester, not in your right mind/not right in the head, mount, dopey, sage, turn in, nerd, assume, loony, cuckoo, have, inject, film, get into, goofy, cabin boy.

Usage examples: