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Definition of footle:

Synonyms for footle:

hover, hang, arse around, lallygag, lurk, loll, dillydally, hang around, hang about, lounge, kill time, waste one's time, chill, linger, ambuscade, drone, skulk, arse about, kick back, loiter, dawdle, waylay, fiddle around, lie in wait, bum about, fritter away, mess about, mill, scupper, goof, lazy, kick around, knock around, kick your heels, ambush, tarry, lollygag, futz around, lounge about, loll around, reinvent the wheel, bum, lounge around, frig around, hack, bum around, bushwhack, mess around, mill around, mill about, veg out, dally, loaf, laze.

Usage examples: