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Definition of force:

  1. A waterfall; a cascade.
  2. Any action between two bodies which changes, or tends to change, their relative condition as to rest or motion; or, more generally, which changes, or tends to change, any physical relation between them, whether mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, magnetic, or of any other kind; as, the force of gravity; cohesive force; centrifugal force.
  3. Power exerted against will or consent; compulsory power; violence; coercion.
  4. Strength or energy of body or mind; active power; vigor; might; often, an unusual degree of strength or energy; capacity of exercising an influence or producing an effect; especially, power to persuade, or convince, or impose obligation; pertinency; validity; special signification; as, the force of an appeal, an argument, a contract, or a term.
  5. Strength or power exercised without law, or contrary to law, upon persons or things; violence.
  6. Strength or power for war; hence, a body of land or naval combatants, with their appurtenances, ready for action; -- an armament; troops; warlike array; -- often in the plural; hence, a body of men prepared for action in other ways; as, the laboring force of a plantation.
  7. To allow the force of; to value; to care for.
  8. To be of force, importance, or weight; to matter.
  9. To compel ( an adversary or partner) to trump a trick by leading a suit of which he has none.
  10. To compel, as by strength of evidence; as, to force conviction on the mind.
  11. To constrain to do or to forbear, by the exertion of a power not resistible; to compel by physical, moral, or intellectual means; to coerce; as, masters force slaves to labor.
  12. To do violence to; to overpower, or to compel by violence to one; s will; especially, to ravish; to violate; to commit rape upon.
  13. To exert to the utmost; to urge; hence, to strain; to urge to excessive, unnatural, or untimely action; to produce by unnatural effort; as, to force a consient or metaphor; to force a laugh; to force fruits.
  14. To impel, drive, wrest, extort, get, etc., by main strength or violence; - with a following adverb, as along, away, from, into, through, out, etc.
  15. To make a difficult matter of anything; to labor; to hesitate; hence, to force of, to make much account of; to regard.
  16. To obtain or win by strength; to take by violence or struggle; specifically, to capture by assault; to storm, as a fortress.
  17. To provide with forces; to reenforce; to strengthen by soldiers; to man; to garrison.
  18. To put in force; to cause to be executed; to make binding; to enforce.
  19. To stuff; to lard; to farce.
  20. To use violence; to make violent effort; to strive; to endeavor.
  21. Validity; efficacy.


personnel department, centrifugal force, take up, feature, element, sinew, fight, attract, manpower, efficacy, persuasiveness, ability, enduringness, help, the law, bosom, endurance, pass, result, forces, pry, great power, conclusiveness, sop up, oligopoly, impel, agitate, pull in, the armed forces, clinic, pound, posture, jar, imbibe, quarter, gusty, upshot, twitch, force-out, wring, gist, blackmail, crusade, guard, constraint, lodge, magnate, take, repercussion, impotence, big businessman, drag, baron, air resistance, constabulary, organization, inventory, the CID, blackjack, bulldoze, contract, constrict, police force, air power, speciality, coercion, lunge, troops, fierceness, withdraw, start off, gumption, effect, gale-force, king, staple, military force, repulse, personnel, suck up, concern, military, consequence, horsepower, the Coast Guard, contingent, power, arm-twisting, staff office, pester, trace, haul, invent, over, burden, multitude, thread, wad, leadership, superpower, key, core, soldiers, foul play, twinge, unfold, aim, the force, unlock, deadhead, tear, extract, cross-fertilize, ramp, draw in, rip, exponent, consortium, the fuzz, fury, press, storm, potence, line, squash, squelch, draw off, weight, bully, catalyze, capillary action, surprise, run, fuzz, extort, stuff, reap, east, top executive, squeeze, air force, drag into, nag, jampack, point, ride, open up, animation, guide, amplitude, thrust, restraint, police, rack, labor, weakness, motor, rive, tie, get, rend, efficiency, cutting, class, virility, mash, thrust aside, get out, force play, vitality, undo, oppression, strength, deposit, puff, pressure, force back, attack, advertise, vehemence, tug, strong point, drug squad, draw out, military posture, bear on, coerce, ram, wildness, airborne, resistance, military unit, advertize, badger, create, brawn, the Garda, board, soldiery, willpower, workforce, push, wedge, corps, sprightliness, unit, cast, stick, root for, push back, bonding, pinch, disembowel, shoulder, fitness, labour, biting, military capability, depict, Interpol, duress, pull, strong suit, intensity, cavalry, armament, violence, bed out, crack something open, repel, try, gentle, get-up-and-go, drill, array, jam, furiousness, burning issue/question, military group, deplumate, impact, perpetrate, compost, take out, mogul, tweet, burst open, beat back, finest, dominance, highway patrol, event, specialty, calorific, crush, pierce, soak up, suck, campaign, personnel office, forcefulness, strain, deplume, man, committee, convincingness, describe, greatness, eviscerate, reservoir, following, pull back, the (old) bill, business leader, suasiveness, the artillery, peppiness, unscrew, capability, draw and quarter, affect, muscle, delineate, go, embrace, pull out, pluck, intensity level, displume, hug, cram, easterly, outcome, centripetal force, labor force, promote, fund, tycoon, C in C, the Beaufort scale, compress, repertoire, flying squad, world power, impression, firepower, forensics, priority, balance, military strength, cart, compact, monopoly, gouge, overstretch, issue, hale, pull up, crash, feed, strong, essence, stock, determination, athleticism, set off, inaugurate, legions, form, ferocity, the authorities, threaten, chock up, lastingness, durability, ram down, oomph, rage, absorb, commit, jab, absorbance, push up, persistence, forte, budget, major power, metier, long suit, bonsai, compel, persuasion, heat, draw, take in, the boys in blue, effectiveness, cross-pollinate, attraction, pool, aerate, index.

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