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Definition of form:

  1. A long seat; a bench; hence, a rank of students in a school; a class; also, a class or rank in society.
  2. A shape; an image; a phantom.
  3. A suffix used to denote in the shape of, resembling, etc.; as, valiform; oviform.
  4. Constitution; mode of construction, organization, etc.; system; as, a republican form of government.
  5. Established method of expression or practice; fixed way of proceeding; conventional or stated scheme; formula; as, a form of prayer.
  6. Mode of acting or manifestation to the senses, or the intellect; as, water assumes the form of ice or snow. In modern usage, the elements of a conception furnished by the mind's own activity, as contrasted with its object or condition, which is called the matter; subjectively, a mode of apprehension or belief conceived as dependent on the constitution of the mind; objectively, universal and necessary accompaniments or elements of every object known or thought of.
  7. Orderly arrangement; shapeliness; also, comeliness; elegance; beauty.
  8. Show without substance; empty, outside appearance; vain, trivial, or conventional ceremony; conventionality; formality; as, a matter of mere form.
  9. That assemblage or disposition of qualities which makes a conception, or that internal constitution which makes an existing thing to be what it is; -- called essential or substantial form, and contradistinguished from matter; hence, active or formative nature; law of being or activity; subjectively viewed, an idea; objectively, a law.
  10. That by which shape is given or determined; mold; pattern; model.
  11. The boundary line of a material object. In painting, more generally, the human body.
  12. The combination of planes included under a general crystallographic symbol. It is not necessarily a closed solid.
  13. The particular shape or structure of a word or part of speech; as, participial forms; verbal forms.
  14. The peculiar characteristics of an organism as a type of others; also, the structure of the parts of an animal or plant.
  15. The seat or bed of a hare.
  16. The shape and structure of anything, as distinguished from the material of which it is composed; particular disposition or arrangement of matter, giving it individuality or distinctive character; configuration; figure; external appearance.
  17. The type or other matter from which an impression is to be taken, arranged and secured in a chase.
  18. To derive by grammatical rules, as by adding the proper suffixes and affixes.
  19. To give a particular shape to; to shape, mold, or fashion into a certain state or condition; to arrange; to adjust; also, to model by instruction and discipline; to mold by influence, etc.; to train.
  20. To give form or shape to; to frame; to construct; to make; to fashion.
  21. To go to make up; to act as constituent of; to be the essential or constitutive elements of; to answer for; to make the shape of; - said of that out of which anything is formed or constituted, in whole or in part.
  22. To provide with a form, as a hare. See Form, n., 9.
  23. To run to a form, as a hare.
  24. To take a form, definite shape, or arrangement; as, the infantry should form in column.


nervous strain, counterfeit, build, work on, process, plant, appear, layout, course, take shape, comprise, mental strain, ceremonial, body, take a crap, striving, custom, confidentiality agreement, mixed bag, abidance, diverseness, art nouveau, pull in, coordinate, etiquette, give, mode, configuration, catalyze, factor, the avant-garde, motley, corpse, technique, arrangement, realise, miscellanea, appoint, custom, dummy, ready, run, format, course of instruction, pass water, decorum, stratum, ferment, smorgasbord, homunculus, take a leak, gradation, assortment, institute, makeup, frame of reference, set off, potpourri, grad, getup, consent form, strategy, trigger, compound, song, way, arrive at, hold, bod, relieve oneself, make, social class, peculiarity, formula, haoma, wreak, dust, dramatis personae, crop, ground level, take a hop, urinate, exploit, flesh, attain, rule, bring about, usual, crap, straighten, make water, component, contour line, trope, methodology, pretend, straining, aquatint, work, stochastic variable, take in, aptitude, convention, quality, mastermind, pattern, blend, embodiment, come over, melodic line, apposition, card, do work, have, derivative, solve, propriety, remains, affix, make for, die, torso, pee, words, salmagundi, mastery, put to work, canonical form, shape, spurt, surface, placement, unionise, operate, radiation pattern, lick, clay, grouping, constitute, plaster cast, number, questionnaire, make believe, play, agitprop, student government, course of study, condition, shit, act upon, skeletal frame, certificate, systema skeletale, method, duplicate, physical body, cross section, ricochet, wee-wee, hurl, course of action, lay down, variance, hit, stage, curl, application, proficiency, direct, imprint, take a shit, micturate, mould, radiation diagram, excogitate, prowess, found, tune, carcass, mode, sorting, cause, manikin, frame, human body, mannikin, phase, copy, random variable, experience, chance variable, student council, proportions, skeletal system, habit, nominate, plaster bandage, miscellany, cast of characters, health, derivation, normal, resile, ability, figure of speech, multifariousness, throw, organize, observance, tack, document, take, cook, compliance, honor society, blueprint, realize, repair, determine, keeping, better, get, edition, phase angle, wellness, unionize, matrix, mannequin, strain, rebound, work out, system, act, variate, talent, grade, dossier, figure out, concept statement, spend a penny, function, well-being, organization, spring, progress to, soma, tier, inning, digit, trim, underframe, seduce, proprieties, organise, signifier, facet, engineer, name, stimulate, state, make up, how, stool, ashes, row, ceremony, mold, division, trend, conformation, deform, reach, formality, art deco, reshape, track, change, componential analysis, fashion model, version, var., path, var., sixth form, grow, machinate, nisus, socio-economic class, get to, Arts and Crafts, ordonnance, twist, ca-ca, conformity, report, mildew, tenor, fitness, jump, gift, brushwork, year, melodic phrase, class, fettle, geometry, constitution, kilter, property, information, descriptor, puddle, reverberate, start off, manner, bend, contrive, feature, roll, spirt, figure, public figure, fig, charter, dean's list, stress, habitus, formation, leap, variation, pulp, material body, anaphora, defecate, word form, hammer, feel, pains, bound, take form, variety, blank, nature, appropriacy, practice, framing, blue book, chassis, manakin, trunk, mental health, turn, recipe, be, annual report, construction, exercise, influence, casting, clear, company report, solemnity, induce, recoil, body-build, bring in, bounce, melody, variant, general anatomy, paper, kind, piss, become, baroque, skill, puzzle out, competence, impress, knead, camp, diversity, variety show, bring, ill health, earn, traffic pattern, discrepancy, gain, physique, ritual, sort, tactics, forge, anatomy, wee, cast, mixture, estate, seek, open up, do, piddle, sour, go, fake, nick, approach, fashion, mark, constellation, contour, stance, pee-pee, approach pattern, get up, abstract expressionism, mores.

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