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Definition of forth:

  1. A way; a passage or ford.
  2. Beyond a ( certain) boundary; away; abroad; out.
  3. Forward; onward in time, place, or order; in advance from a given point; on to end; as, from that day forth; one, two, three, and so forth.
  4. from; out of.
  5. Out, as from a state of concealment, retirement, confinement, nondevelopment, or the like; out into notice or view; as, the plants in spring put forth leaves.
  6. Throughly; from beginning to end.


forrader, up, ahead, fore, backward, onwards, forward, forwards, against, frontwards, around, forrad, out, forrard, aside, off, away, hence, about, back, onward, frontward, down, by, on, outside.

Usage examples: