Antonyms of FORWARDS

Examples of usage:

  1. Sally's hat, and probably her head, would have been carried off by a projecting branch, had not Mark thrown his arm around her neck and forcibly bent her forwards. "The Story Of Kennett" by Bayard Taylor
  2. About this time Joseph, on two or three occasions, said he had heard voices from underneath his bed and from other parts of the room, and described seeing on one occasion a boy in a drab hat much like his own, the boy much like himself too, walking backwards and forwards between the windows and the wardrobe. "Occultism and Common-Sense" by Beckles Willson
  3. Klaus Heinrich stepped forwards and backwards, laughed to the others, stretched out his hand and grasped theirs, and then again seized his partner's big white hand, put his right arm round the maiden's muslin- clad waist and revolved with her on their particular patch, while he kept his left hand, which also wore a little white glove, on his hip. "Royal Highness" by Thomas Mann
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