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Definition of frothy:

  1. Full of foam or froth, or consisting of froth or light bubbles; spumous; foamy.
  2. Not firm or solid; soft; unstable.
  3. Of the nature of froth; light; empty; unsubstantial; as, a frothy speaker or harangue.


bubbly, gaga, glittery, effervescing, frivolous, glinting, unsubstantial, sparkling, gaseous, lathery, silly, effervescent, aglitter, lighthearted, surface, sparkly, dizzy, glittering, glistering, spumous, scintillating, featherbrained, fulgid, ability, giddy, light, bubbling, scatterbrained, scintillant, birdbrained, frivolous, foamy, frothing, foaming, sudsy, harebrained, spumy, yeasty, empty-headed, trivial, soapy, shallow, sudsy, coruscant, flighty, solid, light.

Usage examples: