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Definition of frustrate:

  1. To bring to nothing; to prevent from attaining a purpose; to disappoint; to defeat; to baffle; as, to frustrate a plan, design, or attempt; to frustrate the will or purpose.
  2. To make null; to nullifly; to render invalid or of no effect; as, to frustrate a conveyance or deed.
  3. Vain; ineffectual; useless; unprofitable; null; voil; nugatory; of no effect.


deflower, blow, nark, ball up, bother, beat, mar, twit, allow, fuddle, devil, razz, bait, cover, torture, cod, endanger, nullify, coddle, cut across, dumbfound, mortify, rile, call down, spoil, bodge, bollocks up, go bad, stupefy, foil, scotch, sweep, dress down, corrupt, counteract, evade, violate, regulate, mess up, muck up, stick, defeat, chide, stump, discombobulate, reproof, lambaste, bawl out, rape, jaw, bollix up, itch, trounce, chew out, balk, hybridise, cosset, get to, have words, fluff, puzzle, lambast, disappoint, nettle, pass over, confound, confuse, mystify, baby, pillory, fumble, thwart, expose, checkmate, cross, get, nonplus, take to task, queer, get at, ride, prevent, defeat, crucify, berate, blast, bedevil, pamper, chafe, scupper, irritate, bollix, savage, annoy, foul up, tantalize, cut through, muff, get over, befuddle, louse up, tantalise, retard, botch up, embarrass, flub, chew up, pose, cocker, bewilder, remonstrate, call on the carpet, bilk, tease, traverse, vex, despoil, stymie, featherbed, stymie, peril, intersect, vitiate, interbreed, rebuke, track, dun, bungle, torment, bumble, baffle, mishandle, screw up, bobble, excruciate, mollycoddle, rag, botch, plunder, get across, crossbreed, rack, elude, span, amaze, throw, perplex, bollocks, reprimand, fox, flummox, hybridize, taunt, indulge, subdue, scold, rally, gravel, lecture, cut the ground from under.

Usage examples: