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Definition of fudge:

  1. A kind of soft candy composed of sugar or maple sugar, milk, and butter, and often chocolate or nuts, boiled and stirred to a proper consistency.
  2. A made- up story; stuff; nonsense; humbug; - often an exclamation of contempt.
  3. To foist; to interpolate.
  4. To make up; to devise; to contrive; to fabricate.


outwit, flurry, dishearten, prorogue, defer, counterfeit, flounder, prepare, divinity fudge, put-off, escape, fix, environ, disconcert, set back, cook, turn off, beleaguer, block, stagger, overreach, beat, surround, bilk, ring, chocolate fudge, table, interpolate, dip, deflect, bungle, border, blunder, skirt, shelve, remit, outsmart, manage, hedge in, shuffle, douse, finagle, bumble, pull wires, evade, elude, dodge, talk through one's hat, hold over, stumble, keep in line, hedge, manipulate, sidestep, make, circumvent, control, limp, belie, put over, parry, bull, distort, hem in, confuse, muddle, falsify, garble, fake, postpone, besiege, pull strings, fumble, thrive, forge, misrepresent, wangle, ready, duck, alter, rig, outfox, bullshit, warp.

Usage examples: