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Definition of funereal:

  1. Suiting a funeral; pertaining to burial; solemn. Hence: Dark; dismal; mournful.


godforsaken, dreich, bleak, lugubrious, miserable, forlorn, drear, morose, sad, sunless, gray, morbid, cloudy, cheerless, leisurely, sedate, slow, dreary, murky, tenebrific, ghastly, wretched, darkening, mournful, plutonian, steady, glum, sepulchral, disconsolate, desolate, comfortless, dismal, sullen, unhurried, chill, deliberate, depressive, Cimmerian, charnel, joyless, depressing, gloomy, stately, measured, lonely, lonesome, lazy, dire, dark, cold, black, solemn, saturnine, elegiac, languid, somber, tenebrous.

Usage examples: