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Definition of funk:

  1. Alt. of Funking
  2. An offensive smell; a stench.
  3. One who funks; a shirk; a coward.
  4. To be frightened, and shrink back; to flinch; as, to funk at the edge of a precipice.
  5. To emit an offensive smell; to stink.
  6. To envelop with an offensive smell or smoke.
  7. To frighten; to cause to flinch.
  8. To funk at; to flinch at; to shrink from ( a thing or person); as, to funk a task.


creep, coward, reverberate, bluegrass, wither, shrivel, cowardice, ricochet, alarm, fearfulness, acid house, cringe, temper, unmanliness, terror, craven, contract, take a hop, bebop, crawl, mope, fawn, ambient, gloom, dysphoria, poltroon, yellow streak, quail, squinch, cravenness, horror, bounce, backup, recoil, flinch, dread, annoyance, blue funk, heavy-heartedness, despondence, dastard, Casimir Funk, blues, resentment, grovel, panic, apprehension, dastardliness, wince, anger, gutlessness, reduce, fear, bound, backfire, irritation, chickenheartedness, acid jazz, squint, spring, yellow-belly, melancholy, sadness, fury, happy, rebound, outrage, shrivel up, trepidation, shrink, mood, feelings, asperity, affright, backlash, rage, background music, dolefulness, depression, yellowness, despondency, resile, pusillanimity, kick, dejection, backing, doldrums, kick back, chicken, unhappiness, cower, bhangra, faint-heartedness, cold feet, downheartedness, dumps, fright, mournfulness, cowardliness, glumness.

Usage examples: