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Definition of fury:

  1. A stormy, turbulent violent woman; a hag; a vixen; a virago; a termagant.
  2. A thief.
  3. One of the Parcae, or Fates, esp. Atropos.
  4. pl. ( Greek Myth.) The avenging deities, Tisiphone, Alecto, and Megaera; the Erinyes or Eumenides.
  5. Violent anger; extreme wrath; rage; - sometimes applied to inanimate things, as the wind or storms; impetuosity; violence.
  6. Violent or extreme excitement; overmastering agitation or enthusiasm.


lyssa, battle-ax, craziness, foolishness, termagant, ferocity, furiousness, violence, hysteria, displeasure, petulance, Eumenides, depth, virago, hysterical neurosis, force, craze, rabidness, irritation, harpy, temper, erinyes, madness, lunacy, pitch, severity, resentment, shrew, ferociousness, peevishness, delirium, passion, hydrophobia, emphasis, abandon, study at anger, rage, irateness, ire, choler, fretfulness, wrath, animosity, fishwife, furore, wrathfulness, exasperation, folly, pettishness, big, wildness, insaneness, vexation, vehemence, scold, anger, frenzy, vixen, strong, praise, impatience, fierceness, rabies, rabidity, indignation, vehemency, feelings, cult, fad.

Usage examples: