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Definition of fuzz:

  1. Fine, light particles or fibers; loose, volatile matter.
  2. To fly off in minute particles.
  3. To make drunk.


slob, patrolman, cop, finest, blur, copper color, pilus, tomentum cerebri, hog, peeler, gendarme, crap, haircloth, hairsbreadth, patrolwoman, tomentum, nap, horseshit, strapper, whisker, copper, police officer, hair's-breadth, fur, bluecoat, sloven, officer, constable, law, pig bed, atomic number 29, dogshit, flatfoot, pig, peace officer, bobby, heat, squealer, police, papal bull, grunter, bull's eye, slovenly person, bull, hair, fluff, police, policewoman, bullshit, shit, policeman, bruiser.

Usage examples: