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Definition of gabble:

  1. Inarticulate sounds rapidly uttered; as of fowls.
  2. Loud or rapid talk without meaning.
  3. To talk fast, or to talk without meaning; to prate; to jabber.
  4. To utter inarticulate sounds with rapidity; as, gabbling fowls.


inveigle, cluck, babble out, murmur, mussitate, confab, claver, natter, maunder, visit, jaw, mutter, brattle, blarney, prattle, tittle-tattle, twaddle, click, peach, wheedle, confabulate, blabber, chat, jabbering, shoot the breeze, blather, gossip, clack, claver, chitchat, cajole, gibber, talk, words, blurt, palaver, chit-chat, blurt out, blab out, chatter, chew the fat, jabber, rattle, tattle, let the cat out of the bag, mumble, prate, clatter, chaffer, cackle, babble, spill the beans, sing, coax, piffle, sweet-talk, blab.

Usage examples: