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Definition of gain:

  1. A square or beveled notch cut out of a girder, binding joist, or other timber which supports a floor beam, so as to receive the end of the floor beam.
  2. Convenient; suitable; direct; near; handy; dexterous; easy; profitable; cheap; respectable.
  3. That which is gained, obtained, or acquired, as increase, profit, advantage, or benefit; - opposed to loss.
  4. The obtaining or amassing of profit or valuable possessions; acquisition; accumulation.
  5. To come off winner or victor in; to be successful in; to obtain by competition; as, to gain a battle; to gain a case at law; to gain a prize.
  6. To draw into any interest or party; to win to one's side; to conciliate.
  7. To get, as profit or advantage; to obtain or acquire by effort or labor; as, to gain a good living.
  8. To get, incur, or receive, as loss, harm, or damage.
  9. To have or receive advantage or profit; to acquire gain; to grow rich; to advance in interest, health, or happiness; to make progress; as, the sick man gains daily.
  10. To reach; to attain to; to arrive at; as, to gain the top of a mountain; to gain a good harbor.


convalesce, boost, fix, amplification, bearish, adopt, recognize, move in, create, get in, addition, net, deliver the goods, fall upon, come around, stumble, exculpate, gull, soak up, chance on, do, throw, proliferation, off, supercharge, make believe, prepare, touch, upswing, come on, foregather, see, puddle, get on, polish off, hold, shed light on, accession, form, leap at the chance/opportunity/offer, accumulate, authorise, construct, piss, suck, shit, go on, yield, money, collide with, accretion, pee, bid, move on, turn in, derive, addendum, induce, educe, name, come across, build, advance, dupe, defecate, receive, murder, come to, asset, illuminate, broker-dealer, mount, dispatch, pull down, ca-ca, fetch, hit on, introduce, contact, develop, slang, set ahead, crap, suck up, constitute, overhear, cumulate, net income, learn, rise, summation, perk up, make up, lay down, absorb, hand, benefit, gather in, infer, have, add-on, cod, upgrade, reach out, bottom line, increase, wee, sop up, seize an opportunity/chance, remove, mend, merit, march on, procure, crystallise, accept, cause, tuck, substantiate, get along, development, understand, crystalize, gain ground, net profit, recuperate, pull together, happen upon, health, bear market, assimilate, return, lose, pass water, build up, succeed, pass, impinge on, enter, pass on, bring in, promote, don, assoil, conglomerate, edge, put one across, take a leak, attract, bid price, rack up, supplement, agnise, larn, strike, strain, payoff, enlighten, wear, put one over, makeover, grasp, recognise, raise, more, assemble, fool, come along, pay, gross profit, run into, rate, assume, win, acquire, profits, bondholder, operating profit, turnaround, land, top, step-up, growth, incoming, gather, expansion, view, encourage, bull market, turn over, tick, amass, imbibe, piddle, befool, actualize, take in, collect, deduce, pretend, improver, take up, micturate, realise, improve, gross margin, spend a penny, make capital out of something, incentive, exonerate, meet, compass, suck in, strive, bull, shoot, urinate, tick away, throw out, take a shit, straighten out, pick up, apply, earn, authorize, crystalise, master, come upon, give, grow, pip, increment, step change, self-improvement, solve, find, light upon, wee-wee, reach, take on, get into, sack, get ahead, tally, pull, cop, make water, nominate, extend to, percentage, garner, trump card, make headway, take advantage of something, brighten, profit, put on, a change for the better/worse, start, evolve, crystallize, cook, seduce, accomplish, draw, appear, get through, augmentation, stimulate, take a crap, come by, accrual, bring forward, shape up, stool, get together, make, pucker, rally, ready, hit, repay, capitalize, deduct, kick upstairs, produce, uptick, discover, realize, bear, deserve, attain, arrive, actualise, acquit, discharge, revenue, proceeds, profit margin, agnize, sack up, turn a profit, pull ahead, elevate, elucidate, get to, arrive at, gross, privilege, jump at, light up, exploit, clear, get hold of, pile up, leap, strike the hour, watch, lucre, bullish, forgather, plus, bump off, consume, help, bring home the bacon, ingest, clear up, pee-pee, dividend, earnings, keep time, work, receipts, descend, invite, recover, chance upon, come in, come through, progress to, virtue, score, further, pull in, relieve oneself, unclutter, do good, bring, sort out, establish, slay, draw in.

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