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Definition of gauzy:

  1. Pertaining to, or resembling, gauze; thin and slight as gauze.


indistinguishable, keen, undefined, gossamery, guileless, lucid, clarified, downright, sheer, sensitive, excellent, crystal clear, obscure, smoggy, aerial, gauzelike, see through, frothy, smooth, clouded, unsubstantial, subtle, sharp, pale, splendid, small, vaporous, handsome, elegant, unmixed, exquisite, vaporific, plain, unmingled, absolute, insubstantial, ethereal, nice, pellucid, cobwebby, vaporish, out-and-out, transparent, filmy, dainty, befogged, fine, airy, vapourific, brumous, vapory, thick, crystalline, gauze-like, vague, blear, soupy, gossamer, dim, sleazy, diaphanous, minute, slender, bold, beclouded, miasmic, aery, subtile, shadowy, bluff, pure, opaque, indistinct, beautiful, tenuous, indefinite, clear, vapourous, right-down, thin, vapourish, delicate, light, refined, undetermined, comminuted, miasmal, polished, slight, nebulous, blurry, rank.

Usage examples: