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Definition of general:

  1. As a whole; in gross; for the most part.
  2. Common to many, or the greatest number; widely spread; prevalent; extensive, though not universal; as, a general opinion; a general custom.
  3. Comprehending many species or individuals; not special or particular; including all particulars; as, a general inference or conclusion.
  4. Having a relation to all; common to the whole; as, Adam, our general sire.
  5. Not restrained or limited to a precise import; not specific; vague; indefinite; lax in signification; as, a loose and general expression.
  6. One of the chief military officers of a government or country; the commander of an army, of a body of men not less than a brigade. In European armies, the highest military rank next below field marshal.
  7. Relating to a genus or kind; pertaining to a whole class or order; as, a general law of animal or vegetable economy.
  8. The chief of an order of monks, or of all the houses or congregations under the same rule.
  9. The public; the people; the vulgar.
  10. The roll of the drum which calls the troops together; as, to beat the general.
  11. The whole; the total; that which comprehends or relates to all, or the chief part; - opposed to particular.
  12. Usual; common, on most occasions; as, his general habit or method.


plain, endless, casual, communal, typical, altogether, in the main, generalized, undiversified, national, adjutant, all-round, pandemic, extended, unspecific, schematic, superior general, democratic, worldwide, special, general-purpose, brigadier, descriptive, far-reaching, gross, broad-spectrum, comprehensive, broad, planetary, conjoint, all-purpose, broad-brush, generalised, creative, everything, colonel, group, all, widespread, unspecialized, world-wide, surprise, mutual, all-around, ecumenical, chief of staff, catholic, large-scale, bird's-eye, all-or-nothing, Col., frequently, overall, unlimited, deputy, nonspecific, blanket, global, full general, unconfined, wide-ranging, expansive, vulgar, generic, widely distributed, particular, systemic, extensive, Cdr., specific, oecumenic, summary, wholesale, designate, unrestricted, C.O., ruling, all-inclusive, budding, indefinite, large, 101, emeritus, regularly, inexact, unqualified, blow-by-blow, detailed, unvaried, far-ranging, as a whole, the sum total, wide-reaching, received, world, joint, majority, customarily, universal, in general, pervading, ecumenic, edited, vague, acting, miscellaneous, diversified, complete, whole, cosmopolitan, oecumenical, inclusive, public, politics, aide-de-camp, popular, at-large, study at common, wide, sweeping, mass, pervasive, usually, elaborate, common, across-the-board, brigadier-general, auxiliary, obscure, blue-collar.

Usage examples: