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Definition of germinate:

  1. To cause to sprout.
  2. To sprout; to bud; to shoot; to begin to vegetate, as a plant or its seed; to begin to develop, as a germ.


fritter away, charge, get, evolve, inject, buck, shoot down, spring up, dash, arise, teem, spud, sprout, modernise, scud, acquire, recrudesce, explicate, fritter, pip, pour, photograph, shoot up, build up, scoot, flash, modernize, snap, fool away, hit, make grow, stream, produce, grow, formulate, develop, dissipate, rise, stock, pullulate, fool, break, tear, shoot, blast, take, uprise, burgeon forth, dart, film, train, swarm, frivol away, bourgeon, educate.

Usage examples: