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Definition of glimmer:

  1. A faint, unsteady light; feeble, scattered rays of light; also, a gleam.
  2. Mica. See Mica.
  3. To give feeble or scattered rays of light; to shine faintly; to show a faint, unsteady light; as, the glimmering dawn; a glimmering lamp.


ounce, glimmering, little, shade, inkling, glistening, smidgen, smell, hint, lick, suspicion, breath, sprinkling, cross, scintilla, blaze, flash, gleam, snap, sheen, nip, lambency, bit, speck, intimation, continue, glister, falter, twinkling, express, strain, glisten, illumination, ace, splash, coruscate, mite, shadow, ray, radiance, crumple, flare, flame, shine, scruple, crumb, suggestion, spark, glare, smoke signal, driblet, scintillation, catch the light, coruscation, outpouring, scintillate, clear, skosh, edge, luster, light, spatter, creep, trace, fireworks, shining, gleaming, dram, tang, shred, spot, glow, tad, touch, glistering, crease, spangle, incandescence, glance, peanuts, furrow, smack, glitter, dazzle, streak, soup├žon, wink, dab, whiff.

Usage examples: