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Definition of gloomy:

  1. Affected with, or expressing, gloom; melancholy; dejected; as, a gloomy temper or countenance.
  2. Imperfectly illuminated; dismal through obscurity or darkness; dusky; dim; clouded; as, the cavern was gloomy.


inexorable, sepulchral, unrelenting, pitch-black, profane, solemn, grim, blue-blooded, chill, pitchy, low-spirited, blasphemous, aristocratical, doleful, cold, dejected, negative, good-for-nothing, heavy-hearted, cheerless, coloured, sable, woebegone, tenebrific, dusk, down in the mouth, mordant, godforsaken, long-faced, swart, heartsick, dimmed, melancholic, juicy, lonesome, opaque, stern, depressing, spooky, dingy, benighted, droopy, lugubrious, huffish, risque, happy, no-account, grisly, alarming, cast down, darkening, low, grubby, darkling, no-count, blue, muddy, drab, pitiful, puritanic, dreich, olive-drab, uncheerful, sick, inconsolable, comfortless, ghastly, plutonian, racy, unforgiving, regretful, gentle, dark-skinned, depressive, bluish, funereal, grungy, dire, raunchy, hopeless, glum, dispiriting, sober, elegiac, dysphoric, unappeasable, sinister, sorry, saturnine, deplorable, morbid, dirty, eerie, desolate, spicy, unlit, lonely, grimy, drear, sorrowful, good-for-naught, dreary, forbidding, broken, happy, discouraging, scary, fatalistic, tristful, homesick, naughty, heavyhearted, lamentable, chilling, downcast, hope, bad, brokenhearted, mysterious, non-white, caliginous, crestfallen, begrimed, sombre, distressing, Cimmerian, gamy, light, glooming, hangdog, down, sunless, meritless, rayless, relentless, dark, menacing, darkish, macabre, blueish, saddening, pitch-dark, frightening, tenebrous, subdued, no-good, aristocratic, gloomful, muddied, desolate, puritanical, darksome, saddened, stygian, awesome, dismal, gamey, heartsore, sad, disconsolate, unconsolable, intimidating, patrician, gruesome, sluggish, obscured.

Usage examples: