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Definition of gone:

  1. of Go
  2. p. p. of Go.


hype, tip-top, intoxicated, prize, righteous, top-shelf, removed, blue-chip, brave, quality, low, beautiful, A1, divine, bully, bygone, enceinte, first-string, decayed, at peace, bumper, supernal, wasted, pregnant, expired, done for, neat, first-class, returned, drunk, groovy, cracking, dissipated, immense, keen, prime, wonderful, bypast, infatuated, deceased, banner, dynamite, marvelous, high-class, superlative, burned up, numero uno, four-star, get, brag, classic, lovely, frontline, cool, out-of-sight, asleep, noble, foregone, quick, sensational, down, phat, traveling, top, hot, capital, fine, radical, splendid, hungover, superb, fantastic, choice, dead, boffo, fallen, gilt-edged, dandy, stellar, retired, in absentia, expended, top-of-the-line, fab, unavailable, hammered, top-flight, traveled, terrific, crackerjack, misplaced, demised, lifeless, unattainable, wizard, inebriated, kaput, five-star, past, unsurpassed, first-rate, spent, fabulous, sex, expecting, smitten, infatuate, big, absence, gravid, number one, heavy, jim-dandy, late, dope, reproduction, awesome, bonny, nonextant, peachy, boss, caught, bang-up, topping, destroyed, breathless, fantabulous, great, deserted, grand, done, blitzed, mislaid, sterling, superior, at rest, excite, cold, mean, blue-ribbon, split, prizewinning, live, drunken, parturient, par excellence, A-OK, come, nifty, expectant, slick, corking, swell, alcoholic, defunct, exhausted, famous, heavenly, run off, departed, hard-drinking, enamored, primo, gangbusters, top-notch, peachy keen.

Usage examples: