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Definition of gossamer:

  1. A fine, filmy substance, like cobwebs, floating in the air, in calm, clear weather, especially in autumn. It is seen in stubble fields and on furze or low bushes, and is formed by small spiders.
  2. An outer garment, made of waterproof gossamer.
  3. Any very thin gauzelike fabric; also, a thin waterproof stuff.


celestial, unmixed, crystal clear, aerial, vapourish, filament, absolute, right-down, miasmic, vapourous, vaporous, tendril, bold, rank, limpid, gauzy, delicate, thin, unmingled, gauze, transparent, sheer, lucid, cobwebby, plain, thread, diaphanous, vaporific, fiber, vaporish, miasmal, aery, gauze-like, ethereal, filmy, vapory, see through, thick, crystalline, bluff, guileless, downright, aeriform, gossamery, tissue, vapourific, supernal, out-and-out, pellucid, cobweb.

Usage examples: