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Definition of grubby:

  1. Any species of Cottus; a sculpin.
  2. Dirty; unclean.


deplorable, besmirched, sullied, deceitful, drear, pitiable, scummy, unclean, raunchy, lewd, dubious, untruthful, fraudulent, cruddy, bemired, blue, scurvy, begrimed, dreary, grim, grimy, drab, lame, grotty, unprincipled, smudged, pitiful, sneaking, salacious, soiled, ratty, blackened, clean, dirty, corrupt, sorry, gloomy, stained, disconsolate, devious, dismal, Myxocephalus Aenaeus, muddied, dark, paltry, scabby, bedraggled, wretched, draggled, unscrupulous, mean, black, lousy, cheap, dingy, uncleanly, nasty, dishonest, despicable, cunning, befouled, grungy.

Usage examples: