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Definition of hairy:

  1. Bearing or covered with hair; made of or resembling hair; rough with hair; rough with hair; rough with hair; hirsute.


fuzzed, furred, fleecy, tomentous, adventurous, long-haired, comate, tomentose, furry, smooth, treacherous, shock-headed, canescent, wire-haired, haired, comose, pubescent, bearded, hirsute, wooly, comal, short-haired, parlous, lanate, fluffy, perilous, chancy, pilous, puberulent, floccose, hoary, fuzzy, unsafe, safety, bald, jeopardous, fleecy, risky, pilary, pappose, venturous, flocculent, pilose, downy, furlike, hairless, alarming, venturesome, hazardous, dangerous, sericeous, canescent, woolly, hispid.

Usage examples: