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Definition of health:

  1. A wish of health and happiness, as in pledging a person in a toast.
  2. The state of being hale, sound, or whole, in body, mind, or soul; especially, the state of being free from physical disease or pain.


euphoria, results, the big time, sap, good form, complexion, repair, trim, greatness, tendency, triumph, bionic, caseload, healthiness, bloodless, doctor, combination, state, strength, nick, mental health, antibacterial, sanity, success, luck, estate, bedside manner, tone, fettle, form, antimalarial, bloom, constitution, examine, order, antenatal, admit, condition, kilter, ill health, keeping, broad-spectrum, fortune, clinical, aseptic, commit, cure, wellness, victory, circumstance, soundness, heartiness, diagnose, certify, stamina, hardihood, verdure, shape, clear, wholeness, confine.

Usage examples: