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Definition of hold over:

Synonyms for hold over:

evade, tabulate, remit, string out, disconcert, badger, put back, hedge, draw out, duck, accede, get across, clutch, coerce, tabularise, grab, cradle, carry forward, remand, reschedule, prorogue, drag into, fudge, keep hold of something, put over, bulldoze, knock back, turn off, shelve, elude, bring forward, redo, set back, rearrange, force, compel, schedule, carry over, time, bow, slacken, spin out, postpone, carry, keep, submit, repeat, sidestep, move, threaten, perpetuate, hang on, confuse, nag, give in, dodge, tabularize, hold on, put off, hold tight, drag out, play over, skirt, eke out, bully, table, grip, do over, prolong, flurry, defer, prolongation, circumvent, send back, parry, pester, dishearten, grasp, fix, show again.