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Definition of horror:

  1. A bristling up; a rising into roughness; tumultuous movement.
  2. A painful emotion of fear, dread, and abhorrence; a shuddering with terror and detestation; the feeling inspired by something frightful and shocking.
  3. A shaking, shivering, or shuddering, as in the cold fit which precedes a fever; in old medical writings, a chill of less severity than a rigor, and more marked than an algor.
  4. That which excites horror or dread, or is horrible; gloom; dreariness.


plague, grotesque, vermin, abhorrence, crisis, atrocity, misery, awfulness, revulsion, fearfulness, stress, adaptation, love, battle, repulsiveness, quagmire, murder, horridness, hideosity, affright, funk, repulsion, comedy, monstrosity, grisliness, shame, fear, apprehension, worst-case scenario, loathing, fright, detective, eyesore, know-all, execration, loudmouth, cock-and-bull story, torment, crime, anxiety, sight, frightfulness, epic, villainy, annoyance, repellence, allegory, (the) scum of the earth, hate, hatred, incompatibility, wickedness, awe, hate, ordeal, abomination, disgust, ass, repellency, mutual exclusiveness, dreadfulness, creep, dread, standoff, offense, evil, cold feet, yob, antipathy, repugnancy, alarm, agony, torture, repulsive force, fright, trepidation, mess, iniquity, abuse, public nuisance, a blot on the landscape, curse, atrociousness, excrescence, anecdote, nausea, dislike, trouble, black comedy, panic, gruesomeness, scare, ghastliness, distaste, nuisance, aversion, repugnance, public enemy number one, anathema, detestation, classic, tragedy, clash, fear, chill, drama, loathing, inconsistency, hideousness.

Usage examples: