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Definition of idiotic:

  1. Alt. of Idiotical


plastered, nonsense, askew, sloshed, smashed, pie-eyed, lopsided, soused, jerky, crackbrained, risible, soaked, cockeyed, besotted, mad, softheaded, tomfool, mirthful, sozzled, insane, pissed, thick-witted, derisory, harebrained, squiffy, wacky, pixilated, ability, loaded, imbecile, comical, balmy, wonky, zany, blind drunk, knowledge, funny, blotto, awry, fatuous, fuddled, dippy, unearthly, sappy, skew-whiff, slopped, lunatic, laughable, crocked, comic, amusing, tight, stiff, pathetic, loopy, wet, dull.

Usage examples: