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Definition of ignorant:

  1. A person untaught or uninformed; one unlettered or unskilled; an ignoramous.
  2. Destitute of knowledge; uninstructed or uninformed; untaught; unenlightened.
  3. Resulting from ignorance; foolish; silly.
  4. Unacquainted with; unconscious or unaware; - used with of.
  5. Unknown; undiscovered.


unread, unschooled, brute, crude, unlettered, innocent, unintellectual, uninformed, benighted, know-nothing, inexperienced, dark, sensual, nonliterate, ingenuous, knowledge, superstitious, unknowing, unspiritual, green, unschooled, knowledgeable, coarse, unconscious, animal, carnal, callow, untutored, educated, lascivious, unconditioned, unacquainted, imbruted, uncultivated, unversed, untaught, illiterate, sottish, brutal, gauche, bestial, unfamiliar, benighted, gross, primitive, unknowledgeable, shallow, rude, superficial, uninstructed, unplanned, untaught, naive, unaware, vile, innate, unbelieving, vulgar, beastly, ill-informed, stolid, unlearned, base, hazy, brutish, clueless, analphabetic, nescient, learned, swinish, misguided, naif, uneducated, uninstructed, lost, unenlightened, unwitting, backward, unintentional.

Usage examples: