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Definition of illogical:

  1. Ignorant or negligent of the rules of logic or correct reasoning; as, an illogical disputant; contrary of the rules of logic or sound reasoning; as, an illogical inference.


garbled, bemused, far out, without foundation, correct, bewildered, at sea, unordered, groundless, sophistic, fragmented, specious, abrupt, dopey, not ringing true, untenable, dislocated, absurd, fallible, prejudiced, sophistical, specious, unreasoned, unconnected, biased, befuddled, Jesuitical, spurious, Kafkaesque, having the cart before the horse, casuistic, wrong, wacky, lost, nutty, unlogical, disoriented, staccato, not following, paralogistic, unsubstantial, unsound, broken, scattered, disunited, unproved, confounded, reason, split, inconsequent, inconclusive, incoherent, visceral, irrelevant, unscientific, without rhyme or reason, baseless, mazed, without basis, screwy, separated, hollow, unsound, mixed-up, disordered, inconsequential, unreasonable, baffled, nonrational, out of bounds, true, confused, intuitive, upset, disjointed, disconnected.

Usage examples: