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Definition of impression:

  1. A print on paper from a wood block, metal plate, or the like.
  2. An indistinct notion, remembrance, or belief.
  3. Impressiveness; emphasis of delivery.
  4. In painting, the first coat of color, as the priming in house painting and the like.
  5. Influence or effect on the senses or the intellect hence, interest, concern.
  6. That which impresses, or exercises an effect, action, or agency; appearance; phenomenon.
  7. That which is impressed; stamp; mark; indentation; sensible result of an influence exerted from without.
  8. The act of impressing, or the state of being impressed; the communication of a stamp, mold, style, or character, by external force or by influence.
  9. The pressure of the type on the paper, or the result of such pressure, as regards its appearance; as, a heavy impression; a clear, or a poor, impression; also, a single copy as the result of printing, or the whole edition printed at a given time.


motion-picture show, gist, photo, spoor, moving picture, conceit, legal tender, core, event, thought, painting, track, economic crisis, persuasion, essence, guess, look, imagination, result, concept, print, seal, flavour, mark, form, popular opinion, characterization, flavor, mold, feel, repercussion, reaction, natural depression, outcome, conception, touch, postage stamp, effect, touch sensation, notion, exposure, whimsy, upshot, consequence, surface, issue, idea, icon, mental picture, ideal, fancy, depressive disorder, supposition, hypothesis, theory, burden, revenue stamp, spirit, ikon, slump, intuition, whimsey, tender, whim, legal opinion, opinion, moving-picture show, footprint, postage, clinical depression, mould, tone, view, apprehension, sentiment, tactile sensation, judgment, depression, indent, delineation, stamp, word picture, hunch, pattern, impress, words, design, ruling, low, affect, indentation, matrix, pic, public opinion, imprint, pestle, dent, printing, intuitive feeling, tactual sensation, archetype, motion picture, conjecture, influence, embossment, smell, word-painting, scene, printing process, belief, fantasy, video, impact, characterisation, force, picture, suspicion, pictorial matter, MARKS, plan, flick, purpose, picture show, film, appearance, judgement, movie, feeling, vox populi.

Usage examples: