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Definition of impure:

  1. Defiled by sin or guilt; unholy; unhallowed; - said of persons or things.
  2. Not accurate; not idiomatic; as, impure Latin; an impure style.
  3. Not pure; not clean; dirty; foul; filthy; containing something which is unclean or unwholesome; mixed or impregnated extraneous substances; adulterated; as, impure water or air; impure drugs, food, etc.
  4. Not purified according to the ceremonial law of Moses; unclean.
  5. To defile; to pollute.
  6. Unchaste; lewd; unclean; obscene; as, impure language or ideas.


nonkosher, sophisticated, bastardized, doctored, composite, watered, unpurified, corrupted, lewd, cut, restraint, contaminated, improper, sex, uncleanly, dingy, sacred, alloyed, corrupt, adulterated, polluted, terefah, good, clean, raw, unclean, dilute, loaded, mixed, bastardized, soiled, wicked, defiled, tref, debased, adulterate, unrefined, maculate, unchaste, religion, muddied, untouchable, muddy, bastardised.

Usage examples: