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Definition of incoherent:

  1. Not coherent; wanting cohesion; loose; unconnected; physically disconnected; not fixed to each; - said of material substances.
  2. Wanting coherence or agreement; incongruous; inconsistent; having no dependence of one part on another; logically disconnected.


confused, involved, indistinguishable, disjointed, crisp, dumb, economical, rambling, garbled, illogical, conversational, disconnected, choppy, circuitous, complex, speechless, contorted, incomprehensible, eloquent, scattered, puzzling, elaborate, distinct, complicated, articulate, unconnected, uncommunicative, clean, muffled, confusing, intricate, fuzzy, clear, disordered, tongue-tied, chatty, stammering, unarticulate, difficult, discursive, stuttering, diffuse, unclear, breathless, incongruous, inarticulate, declamatory.

Usage examples: