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Definition of inconsistent:

  1. Not consistent; showing inconsistency; irreconcilable; discordant; at variance, esp. as regards character, sentiment, or action; incompatible; incongruous; contradictory.
  2. Not exhibiting uniformity of sentiment, steadiness to principle, etc.; unequal; fickle; changeable.


inapposite, disagreeing, various, fantastic, mismated, incongruous, uneven, untrustworthy, unreliable, unsuitable, mercurial, unstable, temperamental, fluid, clashing, flickery, unreconcilable, ditzy, mutable, repugnant, patchy, inharmonious, unsettled, skittish, ticklish, unreconciled, irreconcilable, alternative, spotty, unsteady, self-contradictory, dissonant, agree, flimsy, variable, contrasting, mutually exclusive, diverse, incommensurable, fantastical, inconsonant, suspect, contradictory, ill-matched, incompatible, unconformable, at variance, continue, mismatched, unpredictable, conflicting, whimsical, at odds, fluctuating, feckless, incongruent, discrepant, inconstant, inappropriate, change, changeful, same.

Usage examples: