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Definition of inconstant:

  1. Not constant; not stable or uniform; subject to change of character, appearance, opinion, inclination, or purpose, etc.; not firm; unsteady; fickle; changeable; variable; - said of persons or things; as, inconstant in love or friendship.


trivial, idle, null, nugatory, fantastic, vapid, variant, ineffectual, unreal, unavailing, unsatisfying, continue, whimsical, fantastical, volatile, shadowy, unsubstantial, futile, inconsistent, fickle, unimportant, untrue, delusive, change, vain, unserviceable, profitless, bootless, deceitful, useless, fruitless, abortive, temperamental, empty, ticklish, various, uncertain, false, unprofitable, worthless, unpredictable, trifling, freakish, baseless, visionary.

Usage examples: