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Definition of incorrect:

  1. Not accordant with duty or morality; not duly regulated or subordinated; unbecoming; improper; as, incorrect conduct.
  2. Not correct; not according to a copy or model, or to established rules; inaccurate; faulty.
  3. Not in accordance with the truth; inaccurate; not exact; as, an incorrect statement or calculation.


ludicrous, false, nonsensical, ill-advised, paradoxical, mistaken, wild, wrong, off base, inaccurate, stupid, irrational, erroneous, ill-judged, foolish, ill-timed, inappropriate, unreasonable, untimely, not trustworthy, unreliable, in error, chimerical, ridiculous, monstrous, infatuated, fallacious, anomalous, absurd, amiss, senseless, awry, unsound, correct, off, unseasonable, inconclusive, preposterous, haywire, all wet, ill-considered.

Usage examples: