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Definition of infatuated:

  1. of Infatuate
  2. Overcome by some foolish passion or desire; affected by infatuation.


preposterous, loving, captivated, wild about, besotted, false, nonsensical, wild, irrational, taken with, dotty, foolish, inconclusive, incorrect, smitten, gone on, nuts about, ludicrous, unreasonable, beguiled, charmed, gone, ill-judged, intoxicated, obsessed, ridiculous, in love, taken, gaga, monstrous, absurd, ill-advised, crazy, fascinated, soft on, spellbound, enamored, stupid, excite, mistaken, ill-considered, chimerical, senseless, bewitched, crazy about, hung up on, head over heels in love, sex, erroneous, paradoxical, infatuate, anomalous.

Usage examples: