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Definition of ingest:

  1. To take into, or as into, the stomach or alimentary canal.


aim, gather in, suck, consider, look at, give birth, get hold of, carry, down, subscribe, exact, own, call for, sop up, invite, overhear, take-in, cod, charter, bring, wipe out, suck in, involve, contain, take up, postulate, pack, steep, hold, partake, have got, claim, direct, earn, hire, gain, film, use up, put on, stimulate, strike, deplete, consume, view, suck up, remove, fool, gull, conduct, deal, rent, lease, take, induce, ingestion, train, waste, take on, bear, convey, soak up, drive, demand, make, cause, deliver, chow, go through, birth, put one across, possess, subscribe to, ask, engross, pull in, give, choose, assimilate, guide, read, watch, run through, take over, slang, occupy, require, throw, necessitate, befool, realize, fare, adopt, select, dupe, submit, eat up, feature, contract, clear, sustain, learn, pick out, lead, fill, catch, suffer, take away, study, draw, put one over, ware, see, squander, plunge, need, realise, have, engulf, imbibe, collect, bring in, withdraw, mouth, experience, absorb, assume, exhaust, let, take aim, immerse, shoot, engage.