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Definition of insensible:

  1. Destitute of the power of feeling or perceiving; wanting bodily sensibility.
  2. Incapable of being perceived by the senses; imperceptible. Hence: Progressing by imperceptible degrees; slow; gradual; as, insensible motion.
  3. Not sensible or reasonable; meaningless.
  4. Not susceptible of emotion or passion; void of feeling; apathetic; unconcerned; indifferent; as, insensible to danger, fear, love, etc.; - often used with of or to.


sottish, reasonless, wooden, knowledge, coarse, sensual, inappreciable, superfluous, pointless, soft-witted, beastly, unresponsive, undetectable, attitude, incurious, impassive, cold, imponderable, unintellectual, animal, intangible, otiose, feelings, uninterested, bestial, unnoticeable, brutal, vile, anesthetic, stuporous, nitwitted, awareness, unobservable, purposeless, swinish, indifferent, lascivious, imperceptible, wasted, unconcerned, bloodless, base, brute, detached, unaffected, indiscernible, insensate, impalpable, witless, imbruted, mindless, asleep, invisible, carnal, indistinguishable, unaware, unspiritual, stolid, brutish.

Usage examples: