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Definition of inside:

  1. Adapted to the interior.
  2. An inside passenger of a coach or carriage, as distinguished from one upon the outside.
  3. Being within; included or inclosed in anything; contained; interior; internal; as, the inside passengers of a stagecoach; inside decoration.
  4. The inward parts; entrails; bowels; hence, that which is within; private thoughts and feelings.
  5. The part within; interior or internal portion; content.
  6. Within the sides of; in the interior; contained within; as, inside a house, book, bottle, etc.


out-of-doors, exclusive, interior, nonpublic, central, landlocked, surreptitious, when, whenever, inlying, at heart, beyond, flutter, all, churn, edge, inward, in the round, into, center of gravity, someone's heart pounds/beats/thumps, internment, private, hedged in with/by, inner, secret, personal, auricular, around, before, intimate, hub, shadowy, secretive, outside, center, about, go down, custodial, cross section, behind-the-scenes, inwardly, the middle, under, classified, captivity, after, underground, sometime, until, custody, someone's stomach churns/lurches/tightens, internal, indoor, in, captive, heart, enclosed, within, in spite of appearance, at bottom, this, privileged, bounded, convulse, in, in strict confidence, hush-hush, indoors, the pit of your stomach, stiffen, belly, have/get/feel butterflies (in your stomach), politics, wrong, last, confidential, detention, hushed, then, esoteric, near, surrounding, settle, condemned, core, privy, clandestine, show, preventive detention, mysterious, here, deep down.

Usage examples: