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Definition of intoxicated:

  1. of Intoxicate


blind drunk, blasted, giddy, cheerful, soaked, smashed, inebriated, stinko, wasted, content, glad, blitzed, boozed, hopped-up, drunk, overwhelmed, enraptured, crocked, elevated, happy, pissed, drugged, ripped, entranced, bacchanal, rhapsodic, mellow, cockeyed, potted, pixilated, enrapt, hungover, stiff, wiped out, hammered, juiced, doped, pie-eyed, heady, stoned, slopped, elated, alive, tipsy, exuberant, high, narcotized, satisfied, crapulous, excited, euphoric, Drugs, tiddley, bibulous, looped, dizzy, rapturous, rapt, plastered, contented, tight, loaded, hard-drinking, stinking, sodden, pleased, boozy, sloshed, squiffy, exhilarated, drunk as a skunk, wet, zonked, gassed, canned, half-seas-over, blind, sozzled, tiddly, besotted, lit up, blotto, carefree, beery, bacchanalian, inebriate, oiled, stimulated, narcotised, fuddled, lit, bacchic, orgiastic, tanked, sottish, soused, stewed, bombed, fried, carousing, high as a kite, potty, drunken, pickled, squiffed, impaired, crapulent.

Usage examples: