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Definition of invent:

  1. To come or light upon; to meet; to find.
  2. To discover, as by study or inquiry; to find out; to devise; to contrive or produce for the first time; - applied commonly to the discovery of some serviceable mode, instrument, or machine.
  3. To frame by the imagination; to fabricate mentally; to forge; - in a good or a bad sense; as, to invent the machinery of a poem; to invent a falsehood.


give voice, shape, chew over, simulate, comprise, throw, get up, manufacture, project, ferret out, discover, forge, think over, ad-lib, make up, dream up, trump up, muse, fashion, spurt, meditate, represent, even off, fabricate, conciliate, author, cook up, work, improvise, explicate, fake, pay, speculate, feign, even out, find out, descry, phrase, pay off, mould, ruminate, even up, mull over, discern, concoct, compensate, be, think up, bear, correct, counterfeit, find, machinate, devise, organise, misrepresent, settle, make believe, formulate, excogitate, hammer, prepare, expose, coin, reconcile, misstate, come up with, equivocate, organize, counterbalance, word, disclose, detect, falsify, articulate, cast, patch up, spirt, turn out, mold, mull, ponder, contrive, catch up with, conjure up, ascertain, lie.

Usage examples: