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Definition of invite:

  1. To allure; to draw to; to tempt to come; to induce by pleasure or hope; to attract.
  2. To ask; to request; to bid; to summon; to ask to do some act, or go to some place; esp., to ask to an entertainment or visit; to request the company of; as, to invite to dinner, or a wedding, or an excursion.
  3. To give invitation.
  4. To give occasion for; as, to invite criticism.


ingest, pull in, ask round, collect, overhear, fool, call, get, imbibe, suck up, repulse, realize, ask over, importune, gather up, gull, beckon, crave, involve, ask, sue, catch, obtain, put one over, ask for, postulate, experience, clear, welcome, befool, press, soak up, propose, encounter, need, insist, prevail on, warn, slang, require, invitation, receive, cod, provoke, put one across, make, call for, court, pay for, persuade, ask in, view, absorb, take, assimilate, conjure, take in, ply, pick up, tempt, suck, quest, take up, adjure, influence, suck in, discourage, induce, incur, sop up, realise, bespeak, watch, consume, necessitate, put on, suggest, bid, see, gain, adopt, pray, gather in, find, encourage, dupe, earn, have, bring in, meet.

Usage examples: