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Definition of issue:

  1. A discharge of flux, as of blood.
  2. A point in debate or controversy on which the parties take affirmative and negative positions; a presentation of alternatives between which to choose or decide.
  3. An artificial ulcer, usually made in the fleshy part of the arm or leg, to produce the secretion and discharge of pus for the relief of some affected part.
  4. In pleading, a single material point of law or fact depending in the suit, which, being affirmed on the one side and denied on the other, is presented for determination. See General issue, under General, and Feigned issue, under Feigned.
  5. In pleading, to come to a point in fact or law, on which the parties join issue.
  6. Produce of the earth, or profits of land, tenements, or other property; as, A conveyed to B all his right for a term of years, with all the issues, rents, and profits.
  7. Progeny; a child or children; offspring. In law, sometimes, in a general sense, all persons descended from a common ancestor; all lineal descendants.
  8. That which passes, flows, or is sent out; the whole quantity sent forth or emitted at one time; as, an issue of bank notes; the daily issue of a newspaper.
  9. The act of passing or flowing out; a moving out from any inclosed place; egress; as, the issue of water from a pipe, of blood from a wound, of air from a bellows, of people from a house.
  10. The act of sending out, or causing to go forth; delivery; issuance; as, the issue of an order from a commanding officer; the issue of money from a treasury.
  11. The final outcome or result; upshot; conclusion; event; hence, contest; test; trial.
  12. To be produced as an effect or result; to grow or accrue; to arise; to proceed; as, rents and profits issuing from land, tenements, or a capital stock.
  13. To close; to end; to terminate; to turn out; as, we know not how the cause will issue.
  14. To deliver for use; as, to issue provisions.
  15. To extend; to pass or open; as, the path issues into the highway.
  16. To go out; to rush out; to sally forth; as, troops issued from the town, and attacked the besiegers.
  17. To pass or flow out; to run out, as from any inclosed place.
  18. To proceed, as from a source; as, water issues from springs; light issues from the sun.
  19. To proceed, as progeny; to be derived; to be descended; to spring.
  20. To send out officially; to deliver by authority; as, to issue an order; to issue a writ.
  21. To send out; to put into circulation; as, to issue notes from a bank.


production, roll in the hay, bring forward, divulge, copy, takings, hack, comeback, cut off, bonk, bring on, disturbance, cherub, manage, brood, loss, pronounce, import, way out, electric receptacle, burden, backwash, issuing, bribe, rush out, put out, fill in, declare, cope, smother, cater, get it on, push through, act, unblock, girl, eject, appear, supply, neck, lie with, valentine, development, expose, final payment, biweekly, furnish, imp, ply, bug out, uncertain, release, fare, out, come on, foreshorten, baggage, fate, broadsheet, get out, produce, unloosen, inconvenience, come forward, case, restitution, consequent, bear market, make do, exsert, answer, exit, edit out, trim back, broker-dealer, electric outlet, wall socket, income tax return, cause, retire, pick out, termination, unsettled, sleep together, numeral, compact, ground, eff, write, product, put under, recurrence, reduce, turn, skip, reward, comic book, emerge, spawn, hardship, trials and tribulations, step up, solvent, let out, bring down, set off, jazz, item, relinquish, fall out, hand over, undecided, routine, anesthetize, easy, inform, bear, come to the fore, restoration, comic, be intimate, bang out, trim down, cut back, child prodigy, regaining, bull, resign, subject matter, provide, printing, anesthetise, egression, boy, lavish, pop out, curve, give up, rejoinder, delivery, sheer, love, anaesthetise, sequel, break through, corollary, know, fill out, slue, announce, cut, expel, go away, turn up, retort, screw, resultant role, expiration, effect, solution, passing, come out of the closet, do it, help, controversial, douse, core, study, hold out, bulletin, offspring, grapple, field of study, publishing, bondholder, settlement, incommode, bailiwick, handover, abridge, allotment, recognize, wall plug, bang, publication, come in, start, phone number, young, contribute, can of worms, distinguish, red packet, bulge, ramification, subject, referent, abbreviate, wages, bearish, let go, print, proclaim, consequence, progeny, rationalise, payoff, upshot, trim, ignore, tell apart, roll out, unfreeze, discern, sleep with, figure, shorten, edition, largesse, provision, veer, replication, get by, circulation, turn out, notify, go forth, complete, disoblige, adolescent, affair, bed, have intercourse, place, freebie, event, guinea pig, give away, reveal, materialisation, uncover, bring out, depicted object, thin, cut down, loose, step to the fore, tailor, stretch out, impression, allocation, paying back, result, back number, subject area, egress, electrical outlet, disregard, discover, emergence, come, have a go at it, riposte, geld, field, military issue, unwrap, disclose, proceeds, distribute, hump, resultant, slew, brochure, sales outlet, write out, force, unveil, have it off, coming back, getting even, number, tax return, surface, essence, gist, sequent, resolution, take, add, protrude, outcome, bother, let go of, have it away, swerve, return key, yield, nuisance, hand, bid price, content, stretch forth, part with, thin out, difficulty, counter, dilute, switch off, publish, outlet, words, trouble, precipitate, care package, end product, anaesthetize, unloose, conclusion, boomerang kid, telephone number, introduce, kin, return, going, rationalize, let on, surprise, distribution, churn out, snub, erupt, free, back issue, grind out, make out, break, do, final result, spot, discommode, national, back copy, thing, matter, prune, discipline, come out, reappearance, growth, end, culmination, secrete, emersion, retail store, get, recognise, bit, turn off, come forth, issuance, identification number, presentation, output, mercantile establishment, seed, edit, get along, contend, bairn, leave, benefaction, show up, investment, have sex, trend, burn, liberate, materialization, bulge out, topic, moment, manufacture, harvest, write up, bullish, make love, append, pop, homecoming, step forward, get laid, government issue, contract, subject field, address, bull market.

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