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Definition of jar:

  1. A deep, broad- mouthed vessel of earthenware or glass, for holding fruit, preserves, etc., or for ornamental purposes; as, a jar of honey; a rose jar.
  2. A rattling, tremulous vibration or shock; a shake; a harsh sound; a discord; as, the jar of a train; the jar of harsh sounds.
  3. A regular vibration, as of a pendulum.
  4. A turn. [ Only in phrase.]
  5. Clash of interest or opinions; collision; discord; debate; slight disagreement.
  6. In deep well boring, a device resembling two long chain links, for connecting a percussion drill to the rod or rope which works it, so that the drill is driven down by impact and is jerked loose when jammed.
  7. The measure of what is contained in a jar; as, a jar of oil; a jar of preserves.
  8. To act in opposition or disagreement; to clash; to interfere; to quarrel; to dispute.
  9. To cause a short, tremulous motion of, to cause to tremble, as by a sudden shock or blow; to shake; to shock; as, to jar the earth; to jar one's faith.
  10. To give forth a rudely quivering or tremulous sound; to sound harshly or discordantly; as, the notes jarred on my ears.
  11. To tick; to beat; to mark or tell off.


rock, plump up, blow, commove, fluff up, daze, conflict, contents, basin, reel, oscillate, electric shock, urn, cushion, bump, jolt, agree, jarful, succuss, thud, crock, shock absorber, stimulate, wave, seismic disturbance, swing, quart, vase, stupor, joggle, fluctuate, collide, electrical shock, vibrate, ewer, bump around, flap, stir up, vex, thrill, contradict, jerking, jounce, brandish, chalice, flutter, beaker, mug, raise up, reorganize, waver, totter, pitcher, tremble, disaccord, impact, clash, jerk, discord, vessel, shake up, reorganise, saccade, excite, sway.

Usage examples: