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Definition of jerky:

  1. Moving by jerks and starts; characterized by abrupt transitions; as, a jerky vehicle; a jerky style.


bubbleheaded, crackpot, half-baked, cuckoo, zany, dopy, featherheaded, fool, arrhythmical, simpleminded, loony, insane, jerked meat, herky-jerky, asinine, corned beef, inept, London broil, cockeyed, troubling, strange, unnatural, be all fingers and thumbs, brainless, jerk, silly, unwise, frank, unearthly, senseless, ability, weak-minded, strained, cracklings, half-witted, wacky, awkward, unsettling, daffy, tomfool, kooky, dotty, claustrophobic, knowledge, dippy, screwball, nonsensical, goosy, lunatic, daft, dork, arrhythmic, anserine, imbecilic, unsteady, moronic, robotic, dopey, nutty, mad, joint, bumpy, rough, balmy, uncomfortable, preposterous, chipped beef, loopy, jerking, softheaded, idiotic, cramped, absurd, foolish, anserine, harebrained, gooselike, cold cuts, goosey, wooden, heavy, crazy, headcheese, tight, sappy, choppy, ungainly, ham, fatuous, jolt, clumsy, irregular, witless, saccade, jouncy, tug, lunkheaded, uncoordinated, stupid.

Usage examples: